8 Expert Tips To Help Maintain A Clean Car Interior

At times it can feel as though you spend much of your time in your car. It should not be an issue of concern since studies show that the 37,935 hours of the average person’s life are spent in a vehicle. Those figures will have you rethinking how you spend your time. Given that you spend a portion of your life inside your vehicle, it is best to ensure it is a clean environment, in and out. A clean car will be a comfy place for you as you commute to work or take those fun road trips. Below are tips on how to ensure your vehicle is clean while on the go.


  1. Maintain Clean Surfaces

Keep a pack of pre-moistened auto wipes in your glove compartment. They will come in handy when you need to do a quick rub down on the steering wheel, dash, glove box, and other things. The wipes will remove the grime, dust, and other minor stains on these surfaces.


  1. Keep Up With Your Vehicle Upkeep

It is best to keep track of your car’s service maintenance to avoid experienced unexpected and avoidable mechanical issues, some of which can result in unpleasant odors and dust inside the vehicle. You can do things like replacing the air filter periodically, ensuring you use those with built-in antimicrobial tech. They are more efficient in cleaning the air.


  1. Shake Out Mats Regularly

Your vehicle’s floor is bound to get dirty as you and others step in and out of your car. It is the primary reason you need quality mats from Mr Car Mats. But they also should be shaken and dusted regularly in between the routine vacuuming.


  1. Clean Out Cup Holders

Spills that run down to the bottoms of cups can leave cup holders looking gross. In some cases, cup holders are used and temporary trash bins. While these are some of your shortcomings regarding the cup holders in your vehicle, you can keep these areas clean by throwing away the containers when you are done or getting out of the car. It would help if you then wiped off the drip-downs to avoid creating sludge. Therefore, it is wise to keep some cotton swaps and wipes in the glove box to help you clean these areas.


If your cup holders have extra-sticky grime, automotive market offers handy cleaning tools in different shapes and sizes you can use for extra scrubbing without damaging the surfaces and materials. The products feature built-in antimicrobial properties and odor control for a cleaner and fresher result.


  1. Clean Seats

The car seats are bound to have stains, especially if you have kids and pets. You also will find food crumbs, hair, and dirt in the cushion seams. You can use an old toothbrush to remove the hair from the seams and cracks. A magic eraser will be handy for the stains and other things stuck on the leather or vinyl covers. Paper towels and napkins will help take care of some of the messes immediately they happen. It is best not to wait long to rid your seats of the crumbs or stains after they occur because it reduces the risk of odors in your car.


  1. Take Out The Trash

You can manage the trash better by ensuring you have a trash can in the vehicle. A plastic grocery bag hanging from the back of the front seats can be a creative solution, providing a convenient place for passengers to throw in cans, tissues, coffee cups, and wrappers.


  1. Abide By The In-And-Out Rule

Nothing that goes in stay there forever; it will come out at some point. You might leave some stuff in the car (clothes, toys, bags, or other things you were using and forgot). However, they are items you will remember you need and might have to bring them into the house/office or note and throw them away when cleaning. Embracing the habit of taking unnecessary stuff outside will ensure your vehicle is not a junk bin. It would be best if you got your frequent passengers onboard with this too.


  1. Weekly Sprucing

Implementing these tips will ensure your car stays cleaner for a more extended period when you are out there cruising. But you will appreciate them more when you practice them daily or from time to time over the week. A bit of scrubbing and vacuuming the inside, from the windows, seats, door handles, and every other surface, will go a long way in ensuring your car looks and feels clean and fresh.



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