9 Types of Car Services Auto Repair Shop Commonly Offers

As one of your most prized possessions, your car deserves the best care to remain a reliable asset. One way to apply the best car care is through regular servicing to improve overall car performance.

Failure to service your car regularly may quickly translate to multiple engine malfunctions that in turn yield a poor fuel economy. In the end, you are forced to dig deeper into your pockets.

So, where do you begin in vehicle servicing? Start by understanding what the servicing entails. When you visit a reputable auto repair shop, you can access a wide array of car services to keep your car in tip-top performance.

Read ahead to learn the 9 common ones in Nerang, Australia.


  1. Air conditioning repairs

Australia’s climate can quickly get hot and harsh during summers. As a result, driving in such conditions can be quite discomforting for both you and your passengers.

Nerang based mechanics understand this fact and usually advise their clients to brace for the summers with a properly working air conditioner.

Regular AC maintenance is important in not only affording you a comfortable ride but also preventing the AC from malfunctioning or breaking down completely.


  1. Brake repairs

Both your own safety and that of your car largely depend on the soundness of your vehicle brakes. To keep the brakes in their best working order, regular checks, inspections, and maintenance come in handy.

With a reliable mechanic in charge of the maintenance, you can not only boost the lifespan of your brakes but also avoid any catastrophic brake failures out on the open road.


  1. Clutch repairs

One of the most practical ways to feel more in control of your car is driving using a manual transmission. However, your manual control and enjoyment can be short-lived if you overlook your clutch health.

While there is less hassle involved in gearbox repair, your clutch needs a lot more attention and expertise from a trained eye. A professional mechanic will quickly detect any issues that may arise especially from the friction disc.

Through a quick repair or regular maintenance, they can then enhance your manual car’s drivability.


  1. Logbook servicing

Nothing satisfies more than aligning your car with the manufacturer’s intended purpose. You can only achieve this through consistent logbook servicing.

This special service ensures you are driving your car in its optimal condition, safety, and performance. Your mechanic will inspect the car according to the manufacturer’s guidelines with the aim of extending its life, preserving its resale value, and maintaining its warranty.


  1. Electrical repairs

Your car’s electrical system is an enormously complex network. To properly service it or repair a problem, you need specialized diagnostic tools from a skilled mechanic.

Using the powerful tools, the mechanic will assess your car’s data and accurately pinpoint the exact cause of any electrical problems.

Whether it is a dead battery or a misfiring alternator, a trustworthy car care expert is always keen to provide comprehensive electrical servicing.


  1. Battery replacement

Driving around with a corroded or old battery means inviting trouble, especially whenever starting your car. The corrosion blocks electrical current flow to the engine denying your car sufficient power.

However, with a dependable mechanic for battery replacement and maintenance, you can confidently erase driving inconveniences from your vocabulary.


  1. Cooling system service

Your car’s engine oil alone is not enough to cool the moving parts in the engine. An efficient cooling system plus a quality coolant, therefore, come in handy.

Regular inspections of the cooling system can help detect any problems with the system’s components such as the radiator, thermostat, and water pump. This helps to arrest the problems early before they strike.


  1. Fuel injector service

Are you experiencing a vibrating engine, misfiring engine, fuel leaks, or fuel smells when driving? The problem might lie in your car’s fuel system and more particularly the fuel injectors.

To prevent vehicle stalling, a professional mechanic will thoroughly inspect the fuel rail, regulator, fuel and vacuum lines, as well as all the connections before cleaning the fuel injectors. This then restores your car to fuel economy and optimal engine functionality.


  1. Steering and suspension service

Your car’s steering and suspension system provides driving comfort, safety, and control. If you omit this trio from your driving experience, you become a vulnerable driver.

A highly trained mechanic well versed in different types of suspension systems can quickly inspect, diagnose, and recommend the needed repairs in your car’s suspension system.

From issues with shock absorbers, ball joints, and coil springs, to track control arms, the right mechanic will always know the right solution.



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