WORLD of SUPERCARS – It Is Always Good To See A CONVOY OF MCLAREN P1S Beautifully Cruising On The Highway!

France is a rich country but the folks living there are rich as hell. But only the lucky ones, and it is so everywhere.

How rich you need to be to own a unit of the popular series of cars from the McLaren manufacturer, the McLaren P1. And these guys own three of them and they are showing off their cars in the middle of roads of France in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the McLarens GTRs victory at the Le Mans back in 1995. So they are driving around France, in their powerful and beautiful looking cars, the McLaren P1, taking video and making small talk like any other ordinary day with your ordinary car.

But the sound that is coming from these beautiful looking cars is just music to the ears as you sit inside with your window down and just listen. The music coming from the powerful engine as it seeks for a little more throttle than you are allowing to take.

And it is always less than it needs, because this machine is made for high speed roads not for city driving or site seeing. But it is their choice as they own the cars. Check the video here:


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