Alcoa Wheels – why are they so special and how to keep them that way?

Commercial truck wheels can be either bad or ideal. In this article, we will look at the Alcoa Wheels brand that is renowned for its high polish aesthetics and premium quality products in general. Let’s see what this company has to offer, and why so many truck owners recommend it.

Every wheel is perfect

Transportation of heavy loads, often in a challenging terrain, demands that every truck component withstands the journey more than once. In alcoa wheels, they treat this issue very seriously. Although wheel production processes might seem as something common and simple, the reality is a different story. The quality does not come from nothing, you know. Advanced technology and precisely picked aluminum alloys are a must if the wheels should be reliable.

Alcoa Wheels manufactures its products carefully. Each particular item is forged from one solid block of high-strength material. Many manufacturers use weaker alloy and compose their wheels from separate pieces of it. As a result, their products don’t last very long, especially while mounted on heavy-duty trucks. Here, however, we have a manufacturing procedure that is focused on achieving the opposite effect. It is called the Howmet Aerospace forging process. Basically, it aligns the grain flow of aluminum with the shape of the wheel. Results: extreme durability.

A single block is forged using a powerful press. This is where every wheel gets its particular shape. The product is heat-treated to maximize overall mechanical strengths afterwards. When everything cools down, a careful investigation takes place. Specialists measure every wheel. They check its roundness and every other physical aspect that should define a perfect product. All that is left is to drill necessary holes, perform tests and bring those great looks the alcoa wheels are known for. That’s how you get the prettiest truck alloys with 5 year unlimited mileage warranty at the same time. No wonder people love them.

How to clean your truck wheels?

Although the durability of Alcoa Wheels can survive a lot of abuse, it is foolish to expect that dirt won’t cover the alloys. This is inevitable, and proper cleaning is the only way to keep your wheels ever shiny. First, allow them to cool below 35° C, and remove the nut covers after that. Then rinse every wheel with a bit of ordinary water for approx. 30 seconds. The next step is to add some detergents in the water. Make sure they are mild, or simply use solutions recommended by the alcoa wheels company. Clean the wheel with a soft brush and gentle moves. When you’re done, rinse everything with clean water again. That’s it. The perfection is restored.


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