AWESOME DIY Wheel Alignment: Align Your Front And Rear Wheels Easily Using JUST A PIECE OF STRING And A Few Simple Tools!!!

This DIY wheel alignment seemed quite convincing when we watched it. All you need is pair of jacks to position it in front of your vehicles and strings. You probably have the needed tools, you only need to hand tools to adjust the bolts behind your wheel and adjust it in the right position.

The wheel alignment process begins with position the jacks in front of your vehicle aligned with your rear tires. In order to achieve that the strings will help you to keep it straight. Just don’t forget to buy metal plates from the dollar store and put it under the front wheels, yeah we mean to park your vehicle on them.

After all that is done and put in place, on the video is shown which bolt you need to move in order to bring the wheel in the wanted position. Also you can see how to measure if you are doing it right, the string will help you to see if you need to spin the bolt a bit more, and that’s it. If there isn’t space left from the string to the front wheel then you are done with the DIY alignment for that wheel. It looks quite easy to be done by yourself doesn’t it?

Honestly we never did this on our own so we don’t know if it is really functional. Please share your thoughts with us and your experience if you ever do this on your own.

And that’s it, watch the video below and see how this guy is doing alignment on the wheels of his own Dodge. If someone of you ever tried this guide also share if it works. It would be a miracle if the string method really works. Good luck with your DIY alignment.


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