Best Safety and Performance Modifications for Mini Coopers

Best Safety and Performance Modifications for Mini Coopers
Mini Coopers are already safe, high-performance cars, but if you’re an enthusiast or have had your Cooper for a while, you may be looking to change things up a bit with a few performance and safety enhancements. The right modification choices can add to parts of the sporty automobile that you like while offsetting any downsides it may have.

A Word of Caution

Before diving into modifying various auto parts to improve the performance and/or safety of your Mini Cooper, it should first be pointed out that the modifications will only be as reliable as the Mini parts you use. For this reason, it is ideal to find a trustworthy European auto shop that sells OEM Mini Cooper performance parts online. This way you can more easily and convenitnely shop through catalogs of Mini Cooper parts online to find quality yet affordable auto parts that will be reliable without breaking the bank.

1. Coilovers

The suspension system on a Mini Cooper is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the car on its tires. If you choose, lowering the suspension will help to improve mileage, aerodynamic efficiency, and minimize drag. While you don’t want to lower the vehicle too much if you do a lot of driving on public roads (obviously, could damage the undercarriage), you can lower it just enough to experience the benefits described above.

2. Braided Brake Lines

Most vehicles utilize rubber hoses as a means for delivering brake fluid to the brakes, Mini Cooper included. Rubber hoses, however, are flexible and stretchy, which causes them to absorb some of the pressure sent through them. This, in turn, decreases the brake response. Installing braided stainless steel brake lines would greatly improve safety. These upgraded brake parts offer flexible yet non-stretchy lines that will transfer the right amount of pressure to the brake pads for more efficient stopping power.

3. Tires

Tires are one of the easiest ways to improve your Mini Cooper’s performance and safety. There has been a lot of technological progress with tires recently. Depending on what you choose for your Mini, you’ll find that new tires in all weather conditions are lasting longer, gripping more efficiently, and performing better . Unless you intend on investing in upgraded suspension parts, you’ll want to try to choose tires with the same outer circumference as the old ones since that’s what your stock suspension is designed to hold. If it’s just a slight change in size -- bigger or smaller -- you’ll probably be okay, but if you feel uncertain than it’s definitely worth consulting an expert.

4. Seats

If you’re thinking of increasing the speed and power of your Mini Cooper, you’re going to want to revamp various interior parts – first and foremost the front seats. Performance bucket seats, for instance, would provide your body more stability so you’re not swaying as you turn the corners. You’ll feel safe, more secure, and in control while you’re cornering and accelerating.

5. Lighting

To increase your visibility while driving during the nighttime you should consider investing in better headlights, taillights and fog lights. Brighter headlights will ensure that you can see further ahead. There are varying styles and bulb-types to choose from to match the overall vibe of your Mini Cooper.
Mini Coopers are considered a beloved family car by many consumers, and to others it’s considered a personalized amateur racecar. Whichever way you esteem it, when it comes to investing in Mini Cooper performance upgrades, you should always keep safety a top priority. Each of the above-mentioned modifications will not only improve vehicle performance and driver experience but will also enhance safety – which is of the utmost importance.


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