BRUTAL 1968 Dodge Charger R/T Doing Heavy Burnout In Sweden To Shake The Nordic Gods!

First thing you’ve asked for was surely ”How the hell this Charger went astray in Sweden?” Let me tell you something, not only the Americans have passion for muscle cars, there are a lot of people around the world sharing the same passion.

And yes this is not the newest version from Dodge, in which, honestly we are not in love with. We would prefer for it to be longer like the Challenger (it is based on that platform), but they shortened it to make it look more like its ancestor. But what about longest coupe in the class and plus add a 4-doors version on that? Sounds more seductive.

Let’s return to our model from Sweden, 1968 Dodge Charger R/T, fully restored and pumped on steroids from Johan Eriksson. This guy bought it back in 2009 and until 2011 spent thousands of hours working on the body and fully custom made engine (each part made by hands on CNC machines), as he said “You can’t buy this model around”. Yes Mr. Johan, we completely agree with you.

Once he took his car in LA and Las Vegas, and as Johan says in the video “Turned lot of heads, and yes, it was the car of the show”.

Our final words before letting you watch the video: What you think, the new Charger lacks the craziness of his granddaddy? And we don’t care about the sharp edges on the new one, just look the front grill of 1968 Charger and everything is clear.

Enjoy watching this awesome video with AC DC’s “Thunderstruck”!


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