What can Car Owners Do to Protect the Outside of Their Car?

Extreme weather conditions, falling objects, and stray debris can ruin the outside of your car if you’re not careful. In this article, we provide some of the best ways car owners can protect their vehicle’s exterior — from applying car products to improving their car parking habits. Read on!


Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean is a must — wash it regularly because dirt, grime, and other substances can sit on and damage your car’s exterior. The longer they stay there, the more damage they can do.

Weekly washing is especially important when you keep your car parked outside. Acid rain and bird droppings can damage the vehicle’s finish.

If you use a commercial car wash shop, make sure the crew does the job by hand. Machine brushes can leave scratches on the paint. If you’re coming out of a sloppy winter, washers should also scrub the underneath of the car.

If you’re DIY-ing it, use car soap — not dish soap, which removes grease but strips paint chemicals that give your car its shine.


Wax Regularly

Washing isn’t enough. Wax it, too! Waxing adds another layer of protection to your car’s paint. The wax produces a barrier between the outside of your car and the elements, such as the sun’s harsh UV light and extreme weather.

Waxing your car doesn’t need to be as frequent as washing it. Experts say that waxing the vehicle once every three months is enough. Just like washing, waxing can be done at home (if you have the know-how) or professionally.

Some car wash shops offer quick and automatic waxing services, but they don’t last as long as hand-applied wax.


Use Ceramic Coating

If you want to further protect your car from any exterior damage, you can try using a ceramic coating.

Similar to wax, the ceramic coat acts as another layer of barrier between your car and the outside elements. The difference is that ceramic coats last much longer than wax. That’s because the coat bonds to the paint while preventing dirt, grime, scratches, and moisture.

Most ceramic coating products have extreme temperature and scratch resistance, and you should take advantage of that. Beyond protection, ceramic coats also enhance the appearance of most cars.


Install a Clear Car Bra

A car bra is a paint protection film. It’s another excellent way to protect your car’s exterior from damage and dirt.

A clear bra is made of a thermoplastic urethane film, which protects your vehicle from sap, bugs, and other scratchy items. A company like INKAS Design can do a partial or full wrap to protect the paint from any dings. This product is tough, so you can rest assured that your car is free from any paint chips or debris.

Aesthetically, a clear bra is barely noticeable but provides an attractive shine to your car.


Park in Shade Whenever Possible

Apart from applying protective coats to your car, you can improve your driving habits to avoid damage — start with where and how you park or store your car. This is a no-brainer for true car lovers: the best way to avoid outside elements is to keep the car indoors. Stray debris is easily avoidable if you park in a garage.

If you don’t have a garage, you can use a car cover. Depending on your location and weather in your region, find customized car covers that properly protect your car from sunlight, snow, rain, or other unpleasant weather conditions.

Also, avoid parking under trees or near cargo trucks. Trees can drop nuts, pinecones, fruits, and other such things that can leave scratches, dirt, or even dents. Meanwhile, cargo trucks can easily chip away at your car’s exteriors at high speeds.


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