How You Can Prepare Your Child For Their First Off-Road Trip


For anyone who loves off-road driving and going off the beaten track, it is always a proud moment when one of your children is ready to get behind the wheel and head out on an adventure of their own. However, as a responsible parent, you know that you need to make sure that they have everything that they need and that they understand some of the risks that they are taking. In case you need a little reminder, here are a few tips.


Make Sure They Know Where They’re Going

We know that part of the appeal of going off-roading is the element of exploration, but it is vitally important for your kid’s safety that they have a clear idea of the route that they are taking. Laws about off-road trails can sometimes change (although it was established last year that the Lake District trails are still open to off-roaders), so planning their journey beforehand will help to avoid any such confusion. It’s also important that they have told someone else where they are going, but it doesn’t have to be you!


Help Them Put Together A Proper Safety Kit

There is nothing quite like the experience of trying to tell a teenager or young adult about the safety tips they need to take. We have all seen the look on a young person’s face as you try and make sure that they have got all the safety kit they need, but this is important enough to put up with the groans and the eye-rolling. A proper emergency kit is essential for any driver, not just an off-road one, so make sure that they have theirs fully stocked. Warm weather gear is especially important at this time of year if they are venturing off road, and if they are going off the beaten track then you should talk to them about winches. Super Power Winch supplies off-road drivers and auto businesses with the best in winches to help anyone out of a tight spot.


Remind Them Of The Basics

Speaking of safety, it never hurts to remind your child of the essential safety rules of the road. We would not want to suggest that your child would drink and drive, but it never hurts to remind them that the penalties for doing so are severe, never mind the danger that they are putting themselves and their passengers into. There are plenty of safety tips that are worth remembering that are much easier to forget.

To start with, they need to be checking their tires and checking that everything is running smoothly before they head out on a journey that will put their car through its paces. Do they have enough fuel for the journey? How is the oil level looking? And what about the water level for the windscreen wipers? Is their mobile phone fully charged in case they need to call for emergency assistance? This is stuff that every driver knows but can overlook, and if this is your child’s first off-road journey then it pays to drive home the basics.


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