CHEVROLET CAMARO DRIFT Driven By The 600 HP Of A V8 LS3 Stroker 6.8L At French Drift Championship Round 8!!! THAT THING SOUNDS AWESOME!

How many times you have wished to see a Camaro drift that is carrying the LS3 V8 engine under the hood? One too many and as we all gearheads love it there is no denying that the LS3 engine has made an impact on the drifting sport. This is an engine that is delivering the ultimate power to the rear wheel drive vehicles and this Chevrolet Camaro is one of them. Taking all the excitement in one place and drifting his rear end off on the road is what the Camaro is all about, and featuring the best engine under the hood it gets even better.

Now we can see the Chevrolet Camaro drift and we are only thinking about how much power the engine is placing. We are glad that you have asked and we have such a good answer for this question. Let’s get to the real numbers now that are going to leave us speechless. This is a Camaro that has been powered by an LS3 engine V8 style stroke with the 6.8 liters of capacity. The maximum HP that is placed out of the engine on the tires of the is 600 HP. Is this enough for you or should we continue talking about the engine?

This is a Camaro drifting like a boss on the track and now it has some extra rubber to burn on the asphalt. There is a great amount of man hours put on the Camaro and as we can see it looks better than ever. There are the yellow rims to give a little contrast on the body color and this was a huge slam dunk for the Speedshop Drift Team that has built the car.

The Camaro drifting on the track will give the ultimate adrenaline raising niche that you needed in your life, cheers for the builders of the car.


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