CHEVY IMPALA SS Defining What American Muscle Cars IS ALL ABOUT! Mike Musto Drives What May Be THE Quintessential Muscle Car!!!

Every American is dreaming about owning a Chevy Impala SS that is going to make him a better person. And it really works that way, all the people that own one are intelligent and well situated, other people have good words about them and they are good neighbors too. Now why that is nobody knows, but the Chevy Impala SS is a car that defines MUSCLE CARS and the owner as well.

The one in the video is a Impala SS 1969 to which the years have been good. There are no signs of aging, there are no bumps and no scratches either. Maybe here the host is playing a little with us because the paint looks too fresh to be dating from 1969. If you were looking for a muscle back in the 1970s this is the car that you would have found. Not the Dodge Dart could even come close to it, because it was a granny’s car anyway. The 1969 Chevrolet Impala SS was also used in the Five’0 movies, but not the new ones though. It was a real chase and the Impala made its move every episode of the series.

Everything that you are going to see on this car is ORIGINAL. There are no parts that has been customized or replaced with a copy. Also they have been refurbished by they kept the original mark on them. Also the dashboard got a little chrome on it, the gadgets too. Looking flashy inside out this is the classic American muscle car, the Chevy Impala SS which made a riot back in the days. Carrying that large engine under the hood the police could only smell the fuel and the tires behind it, never caught one. Defining the muscle car, this is the Impala that had and still has glory on it.


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