Damn This Dude Sure Knows How To DRIFT A BMW E34 LIKE A BOSS!!!

Imagine one day you woke up in the morning and you notice that rain was falling last night. Yeah you just look from the windows and you see that the roads are still wet!

Anyway, you woke up to early so why not having a little fun on the roads and drift around the circular? This is the best way to prepare for the day and boost you energy instantly! You get into your BMW, maybe old but still has to offer enough power for some wet drifts!

Few minutes later you are on the dream place, the traffic is low and you start your drifting odyssey, the car is just sliding elegantly and the steering is easier than ever! Yeah, it is like a morning fairy tale which you don’t want to finish it!

But don’t worry the police is here, after few rounds of drifting they are here to stop your fairy tale and ruin your day! We don’t want anyone to experience this situation but it just happens sometimes as on this BMW E34 driver on the video below!

Just watch how much he was enjoying the drifting and get all into it until the police appeared!


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