Very Cool For The Perfect Weekend! DO IT YOURSELF: Fireplace In The Backyard From An Old Rim!

Too much people that own a car, or owned a car or a truck, have some old rims that are thrown in their backyard and nobody is looking at them. But there is a way that you can reuse them and it is not mounting them on a car.

You can use them as a fireplace. Yes you can put two of the rims together and weld them, if you are a proud owner of a welding machine and you are just whole away from creating the perfect fire pit for your beautiful backyard.

Who doesn’t need a fire pit in their backyard? It is very convenient and you can use it in so many ways. Maybe you want to sit with your girlfriend in the lonely cold nights and feel a little romantic with some red wine and wood fired up in the home made fire pit.

And you get the chance to glow together with it, because you get to say how you know to make stuff, to invent thing and to reuse old things that you never needed before. Check the link here and become a DIY guy:


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