Ekaterina Sedykh in Winter Drift Practice On Ice With Studded Rally Tires In Russia!

Meet Ekaterina Sedykh – female drifter from Russia and the only girl in the Russian Drift Series 2014. Ekaterina is an active participant in the competition, not only the Russian Drift Series, but also in the American Championship Formula Drift Pro Am. In ordinary life, Katia is a doctor by training. Spectators and fans are always warmly accepting the RDS female drifter, because Ekaterina is not inferior to her male opponents.

Here we see her on a masterful winter practice. On all vehicles that were used in this video the Yokohama Team installed rally tires with studs. Believe me, this girl is just amazing! This is just the right thing that you need for an excellent winter holiday.

This amazing drifting practice took place on the bay at Russky Island and on a river near the city of Ussuriysk. It’s no wonder at all that Russians are one of the best drifters of the world – these people train their skills under the hardest conditions possible. Kudos for these guys!

Enjoy watching this awesome drifting show with some excellent background music!


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