Enjoy This Adrenaline Ride From The Movie Bullitt! ONE OF THE BEST CAR CHASE SCENES IN MUSCLE CARS HISTORY!

Yeah, we’ve all watched old movies from the ‘60s and the ‘70s where the accent was put on the muscle cars! Maybe it was a master plan from the car manufacturers to sponsor those movies to increase the publicity of the muscle cars and get as much attention as possible.

It is almost impossible to watch a movie of that caliber and not see a famous Challenger or Charger, Mustang or Camaro. As it seems these muscle kings earned their popularity from those days. But now let return on our movie, Bullitt and the famous chase scene.

The “driver” in the Mustang was Steve McQueen who actually drove 10% of the scene and the rest was driven by Marc Myers. Can you imagine, that chasing scene of 10 minutes was filmed for whole 4 weeks! All of the scenes are carefully prepared, those jumps on the hill on each intersection, yeah, it must been worked on them for some time.

And what about the cars, the Mustang and the Charger, are they are ordinary muscle cars? Of course not, they’ve been heavily modified with racing built in parts like brake and suspension, also strengthened body to keep up with the enormous beating. And the outcome is obvious, faster than any car! Yeah, like in the movie.

Now take your time and watch the video bellow, the famous chase scene from the movie Bullitt.


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