European Muscle Cars, WHERE THEY AT?! America Has Muscle But Are Hot Hatches The European Version? FIND OUT NOW!

Has Europe had muscle cars at all? This is a question that the European muscle cars specialists needs to answer and we are here to ask the question. It seems like the hot hatches are the European muscle cars and we need to prove that.

When you look at the Ford Mustang that was sold back in the days, it was a pony car to start with. But if you put on it the right bits and pieces than you have got yourself a drag racer that is going to win all races visited. If you needed a cruiser than the stock version was the perfect one for you. It was not too much fuel efficient as we know it but the fuel back then didn’t cost a lot so that was not a problem at all for the people. And being affordable it was driven by everyone.

Now back to the European muscle cars, well they got to the hot hatches. They are fuel efficient because now the fuel is not cheap at all and everybody wants to go more miles with less fuel. And being a normal driver from and to work kind of thing than the hot hatches are the ideal solution for your needs.

The Ford Focus ST is the hot hatch that will be or is now the Europe’s muscle car. It is not too expensive to start with and it has powerful engine that will get you as far as it can for less fuel. Maybe the problem in Europe is that the gasoline is much more expensive than the diesel fuel, but the gasoline cars are being less driven than the diesel ones.

Well the hot hatches are nice replacement for the muscle car, but the thrill is here as they got the turbocharged engine as well so they can feel some power too.


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