EVERLASTING CLASSICS! This 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T Is The Ideal Thing To Make Your Life Perfect!

This 1971 Dodge Challenger has a solid original body which was sand treated and then complemented with minimal paint for protection. Now the final color is liquid green and it looks very nice and beautiful.

The engine is 3.83 Liters Magnum V8 style producing total of 335 horsepower. Maybe it is not a big number on the paper but when you drive this car that is the time you will feel the power that is being given by the engine. Your body will stick to the seat from the torque that is produced and the sound will make you love it even more.

The Dodge Challenger R/T starts with the turn of the key and after only two seconds the engine is running and ready to go. Even on the lowest RPM the engine sounds wildly alive and the hair on your hands will go up from excitement. You will never leave your garage without a smile on your face. You will be proud to be the owner of this 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T. Unfortunately for all of us, some lucky person already bought it at RK Motors Charlotte.

Being a restored old-timer, this car will bring you joy and excitement while driving it or only looking at it because it is eye candy. The interior looks like new and the seats are very comfortable. There is an AC on the car and also a quality FM radio mounted. To check out the car watch the video.

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