EVIL GREEN 6.59 Sec Twin Turbo 526ci Barracuda – EATS TARMAC and SPITS FIRE! BEWARE!

In the vast sea of great looking and extremely fast hardcore Detroit muscles, there are many examples that make you watch them with your mouth open, and gets your blood pulse working on a higher level, and yet, rare are the examples that have embodied those attributes so perfectly, like this heavy weight specimen that you are going to see in the video below. It is a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda in an attractive and appealing green paint job, one of those highly modified representatives of the golden era of the American muscle car production that is fast as hell (if you want to learn much more about the 1969 Plymouth ‘Cuda, go to this link).

Powered by a huge 526 cubic inch V8 motor for which we cannot tell you for sure how much horse and torque power is boosting, but it is obvious that is pretty mighty. Otherwise, how would it achieve those incredible two 6 second passes during the Street Car Super Nationals in Vegas! Behind the wheel there is the Go Green Racing Team’s driver Dean Branham, who really knows how to push this awesome babe to the maximum of its abilities. The combo of his driving skills and that Twin Turbo, produces the first time result of 6.61 seconds at 205 mph, and in his second pass, the result is even more incredible – 6.58 at 212 mph.

Sound appealing and interesting? Check out the video and see what a monster this awesome ‘Cuda is with your own eyes.


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