The Mitsubishi AWD FULLY EXPLAINED IN DETAILS: Find Out How The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo’s S-AWD System Works!!!

Mitsubishi has done something incredible with the AWD (all-wheel drive) system. There are the most realistic and the most futuristic designers and engineers involved in the process, and today for you we have the entire process and working of the AWD explained.

The main thing about the AWD is that there is not equal torque split, as some people and engineers guess. In this car, to be simply explained, we have the four cylinder engine which is the source of power to the AWD.

The engine is connected to the main and central differential, and it powers the AWD. This differential is also called the active central differential, because it has a clutch and it can lock it up. The other differential is purely mechanic, there are no computers attached to it and it is working all of the time, it works like the normal one on your car.

The rear differential is a story for itself. It has sensors and it is somehow smart. When you are taking a turn on the curve, the differential will automatically give more power to the outside wheel and that will allow you to take the curve smoothly.

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