For Geoff Ombao The DELOREAN DMC 12 Is More Than A Piece Of Automotive Trivia. It’s A PROOF That It’s The Outliers Who Leave THE MOST LASTING LEGACY!

You definitely should check out this video, if you are a DeLorean fan. Even if you are just a car fan, no matter the brand this is a video you must watch. In this video Petrolicious are presenting us the story about Geoff Ombao who is an owner of a 1982 DeLorean DMC 12 for nine years now. He says that whenever he goes out with his car, he always gets comments about his vehicle. But in fact there are not many people that know the history of the DeLorean company, as Geoff said.

Ever since Ombao was a little kid, his favorite car was the DeLorean. Actually when he was a child there was a guy who lived across the street that owned one. Whenever he passed by his house, Geoff watched him as Santa who is driving an ice cream truck. You can only imagine how much was Geoff in love with this car.

He bought the car from a previous owner who has only driven it for 19,000 miles. His dream finally came true that day. From that day he had some entertaining time with his car. He says that this vehicle is not really fast car. It is simply beautiful and interesting looking car. He likes the technical lines, the stainless steel and the way that is looking while it has the doors opened. It looks like a winged car. As a matter of fact Geoff Ombao wanted to college for designing cars, but it didn’t happened, he chose different path. Even though he chose a different path, he still has remained addicted to cars. Because of that he decided to hit the college again after long years and he got accepted. He was so happy that he got in and that finally his dream will come true, to become a car designer. We would not want to spoil you more facts from this video. Hope you will enjoy it.


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