Is the Ford Escape a Reliable Small SUV?

Small SUVs, also known as crossovers, have overtaken the automotive industry. One of the best crossovers is the Ford Escape, a compact-sized SUV that maintains the brand’s incredible amenities and features. With an emphasis on agility and fuel economy, this vehicle drives around highways and towns with a breeze.

The vehicle’s stunning versatility makes it stick out to buyers and contributes to its overall look and feel. So, if you are shopping for a small SUV that pushes the boundaries of the modern vehicle’s practicality and styling, the classy and fun Ford Escape might be what you could be searching for.


An Overview of Ford Escape Reliability

Ford’s plan to cease the production of sedans and hatchbacks in 2020 was an ambitious move. As a result, it comes as no surprise that the Ford Escape entices both SUVs and car owners. A key reason for this is the reliability offered by this model, especially the 2016 ford escape. So, how reliable is a Ford Escape model?


Ford Redesigns the Escape

Ford revamped the Escape in 2020 to give it a sleeker and striking appearance that’s more like a car. While it flaunts plenty of interior room, its performance is quite athletic. The vehicle is now available in several powertrains, including hybrid options. It seems like Ford designs the Escape to be a force to reckon with in the renowned compact SUV category.


What Makes Ford Escape Reliable?


A Powerful Turbocharged Engine

Based on the engine model equipped to the Ford Escape, expect to get reputable horsepower and torque from your vehicle. When paired with an automatic transmission, this engine offers you continuous combustion.

The latest powertrains are based on the company’s EcoBoost architecture, giving you stunning horsepower and torque to tow up to 3,500 pounds.


Dynamic AWD System

Thanks to an advanced AWD system, the latest Ford Escape is more capable than ever in terms of all-weather driving. When driving in challenging weather and road conditions, the vehicle disconnects the rear driveline to give you optimal efficiency.

Whenever the sensors detect any skidding in the rear wheels, the system rapidly diverts the torque away from the front wheels. The best thing about this advanced AWD system is that it’s compatible with a hybrid powertrain and EcoBoost engines.


Selectable Driving Modes

Most Ford Escape models come with multiple driving modes that you can manually activate or deactivate in real-time. While the Sand Mode/ Deep Snow gives you peace of mind when tackling sand tunes or driving during winter, the Slippery Mode optimizes traction on low-friction terrains.

On the other hand, the Eco Mode optimizes fuel economy, making it ideal for long-haul trips and daily commutes.


The Final Say

Regarding reliability, the Ford Escape is a class above its competitors. The vehicle’s new revamps have plenty of features that SUV fanatics yearn for. It also offers a comfortable ride and plenty of interior room.

This compact crossover includes the latest technology, a sporty appearance, and many features. With these additions, the vehicle stands a good chance of becoming an elite vehicle in the compact crossover SUV category.

The fun doesn’t end here, as it has reputable fuel economy ratings. Although it faces stiff competition, the new Ford Escape is a solid SUV that appeals to SUV and car enthusiasts alike.



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