GODLIKE Reverse Parallel Parking: Just When You Thought Ronny Wechselberger’s Parking Skills Couldn’t Get Any More Ridiculous, He’s Setting Record Of 35cm… IN REVERSE!!!

This is the driver who made the attempt on the tightest reverse parallel parking in the world. He didn’t make it with a long car like the BMW 525D, he did it with a small car that is used by the driving schools. But it doesn’t matter which car he has been using, what matters is the skill that this guy has. It is amazing to see how he can control the car this way. It is like he is outside of the car and he is controlling it same like the RC cars that we like to play with. Even with the RC car this reverse parallel parking couldn’t be done with such a great ease.

There are the official people of the Guinness book of records that are just waiting for the outcome of the attempt. There was a lot of time spent until this driver got the hang of it. It is so hard to park in parallel when you are going in reverse. The normal parking that we like to do, and some of us don’t, is the easiest one and there is another competition for that. This is the reverse parallel parking that is much harder to make and only few gearheads are able to replicate what this driver did, but much slower and without a drift.

The driver went inside of the parking spot with a drift from the rear tires of the car and this is what made things interesting. The people from the Guinness book couldn’t believe the distance that was left between the parked cars and the attempting car on the record. It is stunning to see such skills developed and many congrats for the new record that has been set here on the parking lot. Watch and learn the reverse parallel parking.


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