HOW TO SILENCE THE AUDIENCE IN 7 SECONDS: Grandma’s Old Dodge Caravan At Knows How To Do It At The Local Drag Strip!!!

Not so long ago, on the drag scene in Sleeper-Ville, Nebraska, stepped an old Dodge Caravan. Everyone was looking with derision and sarcasm on the Caravan! Until the moment he stepped on the scene we were all used to see the Caravans as pizza delivery cars, grocery cars and school cars, so this behavior was expected.

But none of these aforementioned roles suits this Dodge Caravan! Maybe it is looking too naïve with low aerodynamic for burning the track but for sure he can’t execute these ordinary duties, it’s too mighty for that. And you will see why!

Soon on the track the sarcasm started to vanish when thunders appeared from inside the car! Damn that was scary! And few moments after the thunder started a terrifying noise was raised, yeah, jet plane engine sound and two huge exhausts on the back appeared! And this was the mental breakdown for the audience!

This time grandma won it, the audience was silenced! Maybe that was her goal, first to cause sarcasm and next to prove the contrary! But instead of just proving the contrary, she raised the Caravan into glory, on a whole new rebellion level where these underestimated vehicles got their pride!

Now, play the video bellow and see Grandma’s old Dodge Caravan doing miracles on the drag track. If you know some technical details please share it with us.


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