Hacks For Extending Your Car’s Battery Life

A car’s battery is like the brain of a car. If a human is brain dead, they can’t do anything; similarly, if a car’s battery is dead, the car can’t do anything. You can have a top-notch engine, fuel system, tires, suspension system, and the best paint job, but without a well-functioning car battery, your car is just a big useless piece of metal. So how do you make sure that your battery stays in good health and doesn’t make your functional car non-functional? 

Well, we’ve written this article just for that reason; as you continue reading, you will find out how to extend your car’s battery life and ensure it doesn’t die out when you need it the most. 

Corrosion Control

Your battery is connected to your car through terminals. These terminals are present on the battery, and they begin to corrode over time.

Corroded terminals cause the battery to underperform. They do this by hindering the current from passing from the terminal to the car’s connectors. This hindered the passage of current from terminal to connector, leading to ignition problems and increasing the car’s chances of randomly stalling. 

This is why regular maintenance of the terminals is important, especially if the battery is old. 

Battery terminal maintenance can be done easily at home to avoid the hefty service charges at service stations. 

The first step in caring for your terminals is to clean them. You can easily create a homemade solution to clean the terminals. This homemade solution will contain baking soda and water. Use equal amounts of baking soda and water to create the solution.

Once you have your anti-corrosion solution, take a brush with hard bristles and dip it into the solution. Scrub the terminals vigorously till you see the corrosion over the terminal disappear. You will notice a shiny metal surface appearing once you start scrubbing.

Once the terminals are clean, use a cloth to wipe them and reconnect the battery. When you reconnect the battery, ensure the terminals of the battery and the connectors are tightly placed.

After making the connection, you can use a terminal spray to protect the terminal and connectors from further corrosion. This will help increase the lifespan of the battery.

Preventing Cold Weather Damage

Cold weather can cause your battery to die very soon. This is because cold weather will cause more current to be discharged when the battery is not in use. So if you live in a cold climate, it may be helpful to use a battery heater to keep the battery from dying.

Battery warmers are simple jackets that can be wrapped around the battery to keep it warm. There are two main kinds available in the market. One is made of insulated fabric material, and the other is made of rubber which will inflate after plugging it in. The fabric one is cheaper, but it doesn’t work as well as the rubber one. 

Apart from the two material choices, you can also choose the kind of installation you prefer. Some warmers can be installed on the battery while it’s still fixed in the car, while others require you to remove the battery completely to install the warmer. 

Regardless of which one you choose, it is a great product to use to keep the batter warm and extend its lifespan. 

Battery Fluid 

A battery is nothing without battery fluid. This is why you need to keep an eye on your battery fluid at all times. 

To check your battery fluids, you need open the top vents by unscrewing the cap and looking into the battery. If the visibility isn’t good, you can use a flashlight. 

The fluid must cover the battery plates; if it doesn’t, the fluid levels are too low. To top up the battery fluid, pour distilled water until the battery plates are covered. 

We recommend using distilled water because regular tap water has minerals dissolved in it, which will affect the battery’s performance.  

Whenever you go to get your engine oil changed, you should also get your battery fluid checked or check it yourself after every 5-6 months.

Tips To Extend Battery Life

Extending your battery life is a full-time task, and you need to take active steps in order to do it. Below we have talked about things you can do that will be good for your battery and will ensure long battery life. 

  • Never leave your car’s headlights on when you turn the car off. This will drain your battery sooner, and the car may not start up again due to the drained battery


  • Buy a voltmeter; this way, you can check your battery’s health at home. Just connect the voltmeter to the terminals and see the reading. A well-charged battery will give you a reading of 12.6-12.8 volts


  • Your battery should be tightly fastened under the hood of the car. A battery that isn’t fastened tightly will lead to internal damage and may create a short circuit. So make sure the battery is tightly fastened in its holder


  • Avoid short drives; this drains the battery but doesn’t give it enough time to charge. Frequent short drives will put stress on the battery leading to battery failure very soon


  • When your engine is turned off, avoid using electronics in the car. The stereo, air conditioner, or car mobile charger should be avoided as this will drain the battery, and since the engine will be turned off, the battery will only be getting drained receiving any charging



Taking care of your battery will reap you numerous benefits in the long run. You will be able to avoid any unforeseen battery-related issues on the road and will save on battery replacement cost as well since your battery will last longer. Always remember to buy the best battery that is available in the market. This will ensure that you don’t have any battery-related mishaps on the road and that your driving experience is smooth and comfortable.


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