Hear The Roar Of The $ 4.5 Million Supercar Lamborghini Veneno – Insanely Loud V12 Start Up and REVS!!!

Lamborghini Veneno has surprised everyone when it was released at the Geneva Motor Show, but not all were impressed. The website Edmunds ranked the car with 6.5 liter V12 engine capable to produce 750 hp on the first place among the ugliest 100 cars in the world.

Even so, the three production samples of the Lamborghini Veneno were very early sold (one of the buyers even ordered the car before he knew how it would look like) and other samples will no longer be produced.

The car was spotted and filmed in Monza, Italy when it was loaded on a truck and now we can hear the loud sound of the engine and we can look better at this car into some action. YouTube user NM2255 Car HD Videos had managed to film the car while it was being moved around and loaded on the truck.

So, without much ado, we invite you to check out the video footage presented below in the article and enjoy the monstrous sound of this terrifying supercar. Enjoy the show!


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