The Ultimate Rescue Operation: Helicopter Is On A Mission To Safe His Little Cousin, RC Airplane

Isn’t it beautiful when machines with same origins and similar purposes work together for the mutual benefit? We think that is, especially this odd situation, where a crew with a helicopter is searching the forest in nowhere land to rescue a beasty RC airplane.

The granddaddy will give some hell of an advices, he is not allowed to fly on big distances and lose the signal with his master, yeah, he wanted to escape to the slavery of the remote controller and fly in freedom, on open skies.

The naughty RC airplane promised before the flight that he will listen to his master and return to him. But you know, freedom seduces and he is not even aware that he needs to eat, yeah some electric impulses or gasoline juice just to keep his flying muscles healthy and in shape. But this P-51 Mustang has the luck this time and we hope that he will be obedient after this accident.

Also we were surprised from the helicopter crew which decided on this dangerous step and came closer, almost in the woods with the helicopter while the propellers were rolling just above the trees. Watch the video bellow and see what exactly happened.


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