How To MELTDOWN A Ferrari 458 Italia? You Just Need 1990s BMW E30 Turbo E85-Powered!

Plenum design, seductive and charming look that are the main attributes that describes one of the most powerful supercars in the world, the Ferrari 458 Italia! But this beast doesn’t own only beauty and charm, he also has performances which can’t be underestimated.

But never ever underestimate BMW, no matter which year is produced, because each BMW has the racing genetics and can be armored to the teeth surpassing every expectation. But also the Ferrari’s horses are not for bad at all, 562 ponies produced from V8 engine, delivered through sevens speed dual clutch transmission and F1 style suspension. Racing performance is the first association that will come on your mind when you hear the name Ferrari.

Honestly we don’t have official info for the BMW E30, maybe it surpasses 500hp+, but it doesn’t matter, he done his job, answered the challenge as real tough German! Just look at the video bellow, slow start and we thought “Poor BMW why you are challenging a beast”?

But what to expect when you are expecting, this is it. Watch the impressive race and see how this poor looking BMW E30 beat down the Ferrari 458 Italia. We bet that the guys in the Ferrari were left speechless after the race.


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