HOW TO PULL YOUR TRUCK Out of Trouble – Arabs Knew This LifeSaving Trick For Centuries!

HOW TO PULL YOUR TRUCK Out of Trouble – Arabs Knew This LifeSaving Trick For Centuries!

Wow these sand people are truly “masters” of the sand. They seem to have found an effective way how to pull out a stuck car from the sand. It didn’t took them very long to complete their mission with a total success.

Check out the video below to find out how to do it. Who would have thought this is all so simple? I guess when you are facing with a problem, your creativeness really comes into action.

So, the next time you found yourselves in a similar situation like this, you’ll know what to do. And you can thank these guys for the tip 🙂 They sure have some skills alright.


31 thoughts on “HOW TO PULL YOUR TRUCK Out of Trouble – Arabs Knew This LifeSaving Trick For Centuries!

  1. Frank n beans

    Who the hell carries around 8 Arabs a sand bag a hoe and a shovel in case they get stuck?

    1. Mac

      Sometimes this trick might come in handy Frank. You never know 😉

    2. Bob

      Is all that yappity-yap cackling required as well? If so, I opt to walk out and leave the vehicle for the buzzards.

      1. Mac

        Quite a risky move in a dessert Bob. Sure you want to take it? 🙂

  2. Me

    Knew about this for centuries? What, when they were driving those two hundred year old Toyota Land Cruisers and Shoguns?

    1. Mac

      The title was a little provocative joke to see how many comments it’ll get :))

  3. Xavier

    Centuries ? Really? Camels used to have wheels ?

    1. Mac

      Hahaha 🙂 They were tuned 🙂 lol

  4. simpleminds

    frank, frank, frank,,, it works with trees to… Open your mind

    1. Mac

      Thanks for the information Simpleminds. Could you tell us more about it or share a video with us? 🙂

  5. North

    If they knew that trick for centuries, they must have been really happy when someone finally invented the car so they could finally use that trick.

    1. Mac

      Hahaha 😀 Good one North 😉

  6. mohammed

    Well we use many kind of expensive cars to go off road. And yes its true that we didn’t invent any kind of cars , but dont forget the fact that we own the cars that its in your dream to drive not to only own , besides that We have modern cities like you do but the media keep showing you that we live in desert while we go there only for fun , actually we feel sorry for you cause you people are so cheap and barely able to own a house or a car while we do have them without doing that much effort!

    So you better laugh at your mesrable live

    1. Mac

      Thanks for letting us know more about your lifestyle Mohammed. No need for tension friend. Best regards! 🙂

    2. Kae

      I am well aware that many Arabs live in cities, and that some of you can afford cars. The above comments about camels and 200 year old vehicles were made because the title says “centuries”, which implies several hundred years. As I’m sure you know, self-propelled vehicles were not common until the mid to late 19th century (100-160 years ago). No one is bashing you. I myself have no trouble paying for my cars and my house.

      1. Mac

        Well said Kae. The comments above were made because of the little provocative joke in the title. They have nothing to do with Arabs themselves. Thanks for clearing that up 🙂

    3. Ali Castro


      they have invented this centuries ago when theres no car yet in that time! wow

      1. Mac

        Talk about some impressive engineering skills a? 😀

  7. mohammed

    Life’s *

    1. moggy

      or, you could spend that time digging out under the truck, lower your tyre pressures (which they haven’t done on this vehicle) and drive out, and save twisting a rope round your axle, ripping off your brake lines at the same time.

      1. Mac

        Many thanks for sharing that method with all of us Moggy!

  8. Brian

    I think I’m going go get myself stuck intentionally, and give this a go:). But luckily I have trees so no hole digging hopefully

    1. Mac

      Tell us more about your experiment when you get it done Brian 😉

  9. SImon

    The spare wheel also works well as a sand-anchor. just bury it deep enough, because if you bury it too shallow and it pulls out, you’ll need to do it again…

    1. Mac

      Thanks a lot for that valuable information Simon!

  10. JamesG

    This same kind of anchoring is used by bridge builders who built Golden Gate and Brooklyn Bridges. The fact is if you bury anything even a tree, with a rope around it, it will act as an anchor. But, what made me laugh more than anything is the fact that Arabs had cars centuries ago and knew about this simple anchor.

    1. Mac

      It was just a small joke in the title James 🙂 Anyway it’s good to know this method for sure 🙂

  11. Noel

    That truck was not even remotely stuck! Bad drivers

    1. Mac

      Well, at least they managed to pull it out 🙂

  12. Carl

    There’s about 10 of them, why didn’t they just lift the car out!.

    1. Mac

      Now that wouldn’t be so fun, would it Carl? 🙂

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