IMAGINE BOEING JET ENGINE Mounted On A GO-KART?! This Baby Must Be One Hell Of A Ride!

At the very beginning we will tell you, you don’t need to imagine anything, this Go Kart exists and it will blow your mind in many ways.

Yeah the first thing is the outlook; it looks dangerous with huge exhaust on the back, it sounds nasty as a jet aircraft and it is super-fast.  What else we need to mention to catch the idea of this hellish Go Kart?

Let be honest, this small nasty vehicle can’t be named as Go Kart; it’s not even close to the tiny small karts with 20hp and maximum speed of 16mph! We think we should name it as Jet Kart it is more suitable and explains its nature.

Now be still, play the video and wait to the moment when the Boeing Jet vehicle is powered and when the mighty jet sound starting to raise your adrenaline! Imagine riding one of these on a drag race, what speed will it reach, what do you think? We think 160 mph?

Yeah to high speed for small vehicle we admit, it don’t look safely at all what clothes and helmet needs to wear the driver of this thing?


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