How to increase the durability of a UTE tub?

Nowadays, liners are an important accessory for protecting your UTE from dents, liquid spillage, dings, and scratches. Without sufficient protection, external elements and pressure can damage ute tub. It can decrease the resale value of your UTE in the future. If you are new to choosing a liner, feel free to check Ford Ranger Tub Liner at HSP UTE LIDS.


Lining Types

You can choose between two protective lining types, such as drop-in and spray on. These are designed to fit in your UTE. Spray on is a thick material similar to rubber painted, sprayed, or rolled on the truck bed. Remember, it acts as a permanent liner for your truck. Similarly, drop in liners are common because of their plastic shell.

However, drop in is a cheap liner with easily removable features. You can also use mats to protect ute bed. Use of mats is common in tandem with drop in or spray on liners. For your convenience, you can choose an over-rail or an under-rail style.

Under-Rail Liner

The under-rail units wrap under steel lips over the bed. Under-rail liners are subtle to tuck under the frame of a vehicle. For ute canopies or hard lids, you can choose this variation to create a seamless look.


Over-Rail Liner

Furthermore, you can wrap this liner on a steel lip over the bed. You will find it suitable for open tray tops or use vinyl tonneau covers. In this way, you can get additional protection for use. Over-rail liners can protect the tailgate top and sides when unloading and loading a ute.


Buy Custom Molded Liners

Ute liners may be custom molded to fit perfectly with vehicles. You can install them with or without drilling. Nowadays, liners are available with fitting kits to access factory tie rails or hooks for installation. Remember, contour fit and air-tight liners can protect a ute’s deck from water, common chemicals, and dirt.

You will get protection against battery acid, petrol, and oil. Remember, these chemicals can increase the chances of abrasion, corrosion, and rust. Yet, protect lining is useful to dampen deck deviations and give passengers a quiet and smooth ride.

Some special models come with a non-slip rubberized foundation that offers durability, protection and keeps your cargo in the right place. Several liners are made of high-density polyethylene; therefore, they are hard-wearing, resistant to chipping and cracking, and flexible.


Regular Cleaning Becomes Necessary

Bed liners or ute can trap debris and dirt; therefore, cleaning is essential. You should remove items from the truck bed and sweep out dirt. Make sure to check liners for stains and use automotive degreasers for cleaning. Use water to pressure washes your truck bed. Moreover, all-purpose gel or cleaning liquid proves useful in cleaning.

To clean crevices and corners, you can use a high-pressure hose. Let it dry thoroughly, or use a microfiber cloth to wipe away extra water. You can increase the life of a UTE liner with proper maintenance.


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