2,500HP Hemi Alcohol – Insane Blown 1963 Plymouth Valiant: And IT’S STREET LEGAL!!!

We bet that she is a street-legal car, so much power riding on wheels will blow the windows on the near buildings to the streets! The massive 528ci Hemi engines sounds like whole orchestra wired to enormously huge surround system! But we must admit something, for us, the adrenaline hunters that sound is porn to the ears.

This 1963 Plymouth Valiant is one rude black lady, bad to the bones and she couldn’t hide the evil heart she has. From the old days this Plymouth preserved only the name, nothing else, his DNA is completely changed and now he is roaring badly!

Let us ask you something, are you ready to be exposed on the ultimate eyegasm and eargasm which this black lady has to offer? Yeah, exactly 15 minutes of adrenaline joy provided from the pure 2,500HP. There are too many horses, at least you will find one of them funny.

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