INSANE! Packages Are Flying Out Of The FedEx Truck But This Driver Is Here To Save Christmas For Many!

Wondering why some Christmas gifts disappear or are never delivered on your front door?

Well, a guy who was driving on highway I-40 in Colorado behind a postal truck from the company FedEX filmed this unusual event with parcels falling behind the vehicle. The driver of the truck ran just fine with the back doors open and let the presents live out their own free life. Fortunately the author of the video, registered on YouTube as dicksonfamily was conscious enough to do the right thing, instead of mocking at the driver of the vehicle. He counted at least six of them falling off the vehicle.

He flashed the postal truck with his headlights and so finally the mail truck pulled over. The man warned the driver of the truck of the situation. The driver of the truck seemed rather shocked when he found out what was happening and thanked the man who saved this year’s Christmas and very likely his job.

A proper good deed for sure. See this event on the following video!


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