Interior And Exterior Truck Lighting Ideas

At some point, every truck enthusiast has wished to personalize their vehicle to make driving more enjoyable. Installing modern and inventive lighting, either inside or outside the truck, is the most excellent and easiest method to make your ride stand out.

Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing truck takes time, passion, and finding the most outstanding parts available. Luckily, nowadays, there are limitless ways to modify your vehicle with additional components, accessories, and tools to create an altogether distinct design.

As truck fanatics ourselves, we prepared this guide to showcase a few of the most fabulous truck lighting ideas that may give your truck a unique look.

Best Exterior Truck Light Ideas

Add LED Beacon Lights

If you want to make your truck appear impressive while also making it safer to drive in bad traffic conditions, you should install led beacon lights for trucks. Since their introduction in the 1950s, the beacon lights are one of the most famous strobe light types and the most straightforward method of creating 360 degrees of lighting.

Nowadays, LED Beacon Lights are available in various colors and mounting choices, making them an excellent choice for sticking out.

Add LED Light Strips To Your Truck’s Footboard

Another simple method to customize your truck that is affordable and quick to do is adding an LED light strip to the footboard. LED light strips, like LED beacon lights, come in an infinite number of colors, allowing you to personalize the appearance to your heart’s content.

Moreover, LED light strips come in various sizes, allowing you to construct your own patterns. Not only does installing an LED light strip to your footboard look great, but it also adds a safety feature by brightening the steps at night and lowering the risk of falls.


Transform Your Truck’s Bed With LED Light Strips

By adding LED light strips to the bed of your truck, you may change your vehicle into something a lot more appealing. You may place the lights practically anywhere, whether they span the sides, underneath your rearview glass, on Tonneau cover, or on the bed itself. Some drivers also highlight the top of the wheel wells in the bed with flexible LED strips.


Light Up Your Toolbox

It’s one thing to add lights on your truck’s bed, or Tonneau cover, but there is one more way to make it look more fabulous. If you use your vehicle for work and have to conduct duties at night, why not highlight the toolbox as well? The ideal approach is to add LED strip lights to the toolbox that are triggered by a pressure switch with a single rapid touch.


Make Your License Plate Shine

If you want your truck to stand out with great exterior lights and keep it simple, you should think about getting an illuminated license plate frame. You may stick to the basics by using lights that glow on your license plate, or you can go all out with an accessory that has all the bells and whistles. Choose an illuminated license plate frame that includes reverse and brake lights for additional protection.


Best Interior Truck Light Ideas

Upgrade Your Dome Lights

If you are a night driver, the typical halogen light bulbs in your dome lights are probably not cutting it. As a result, the light may look dim or cloudy, and it may not reach the darkest corners and nooks or difficult-to-see areas. By switching to LED bulbs for your interior dome lights, this becomes a thing of the past. When you make the switch, you’ll get sharp, clear, ultra-high powered light everywhere around your truck.


Pick LEDS With Strobe Feature

It’s not a good idea to engage the LED strobe feature while driving, but having the option on your inside lighting can help your truck stand out at every local truck show. So, open your doors, choose a strobe design, and watch as everyone in the parking lot crowds to your vehicle to admire your aftermarket truck interior lighting system designs.


Attach LED Light Strips To Door Sills

Attaching LED light strips around the interior of the door sills and along the floor is probably the best way to give the inside of your vehicle a bright blast of light in any color you like. You may program the lights to turn on when you switch on your vehicle’s dome lights.


Final Thoughts

Making your truck exciting with the above ideas isn’t the most straightforward DIY project, but you should be good to go if you have a little basic expertise. In addition, almost all of the ideas mentioned above are inexpensive and can be acquired online, making it a low-cost method to add practical or decorative lighting to your truck.


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