EPIC DUEL OF MAN VS. MACHINE!!! Iron Man Tries To Tame The Giant Mantis Robot!!!

If you are fan of robots and machines this video will be the most interesting thing you will see today. And we all know how hard is to find something interesting to watch. OK so before you see this video know that this is the part two. So if you will haven’t seen the Part one of the XRobot video I suggest you search for it on YouTube and watch it, than get back here and play this second part.

In this part will see the full breakdown of the controls for the xRobot Spider Machine. In this modern age it is not unusually to see things like this, and every single day they are improved. So at this day and age we have things like this Giant Mantis Robot that are able to act like vehicles, and who knows, in few years this robot might be something that everyone would use. By then we need to figure it out how to use it and how to improve it. In the Part two on the Mantis Robot you will see how this thing works and how it moves.

Sit back and enjoy!


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