JAW-DROPPING Cartoon Custom Vehicles By Ron Berry In My Classic Car Episode! These Rides Are DEFINITELY EYE-CATCHERS!

In this episode of the My Classic Car show, the host Dennis Gage goes for a spin in a couple of cartoon custom creations built by the incredibly creative car enthusiast Ron Berry.

The term “hot rod” can be freely used as synonymous with extravagance, perfect exterior and endless horsepower.

This is the name of some representatives, mostly typical of American artists that are so unusual that it is impossible for them to remain unnoticed even in a sea of ​​wonders. Such is the case with Volkswagen T2 on the video below, which does not have much in common with the original except for some elements of the suspension and the overall design idea. Everything else is a masterpiece of the creator Ron Berry, who is the author of other exotic models, and his core business is the creation of animated movies.

It may not sound plausible, but in the orange and white little bus called Surf Seeker, there is room for four passengers. Access to the front seat is provided through the door type BMW Isetta, i.e. the whole front end of the bus opens up. The interior is all made in the spirit of the original VW van from the ‘60s of the last century. Every detail is invented and made with taste, not missing some modern surprises. The seats do not look particularly comfortable, but in such a wheelbase as such, this is inevitable.

Just as with the original, the engine in the Surf Seeker is located in the back. Ron Berry, however, did not confine himself to restoration only. As it befits a hot rod, it is adorned with copious amounts of chromium, with an output of 200 hp.

The video featured below is a proof that creativity will surely take you so far, much like what the amazing Ron Berry did with his incredible custom cars!


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