THE MYSTERIOUS HOT ROD GOT EVERYONE SCARED! Jeff Lutz’s New Pro Mod Camaro Runs Incredible 6.05 At 251MPH On The First Day Of Drag Week!!!

Here is another cool Hot Rod video. This time it was brought to us by the YouTube channel, ScorchTV. Every time I watch a video that has a Hot Rod in it I just get excited, so when I found this video I thought that it would be cool if is share it with you guys and write few words about it.

Ok so in this video you will have the chance to see a black custom made ProMod Chevy Camaro that is able to go with 251 miles per hour and make a 6.05 run on the drag strip. I’m very impressed by this car and I have to say that the owner, Jeff Lutz did an incredible job with it. I’m sure that he is very proud of his Hot Rod because he made one hell of a car. We don’t have any information on what kind of parts are hiding under the hood but I’m sure he will share that information with us very soon.

If you are fan of Drag Racing and Hot Rods this is a must watch video!


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