Future Mechanics Genius, YOU SHOULD LEARN FROM HIM! Kindergarten Kid Shows You How To Replace A Wheel Bearing!!!

A wheel bearing can be a tough part to replace, and the shop would take a huge amount of money to do it for us. That’s why we need to learn some mechanics and to do stuff by ourselves.

As this small kindergarten kid teaches us, we need to be able to change the wheel bearing alone, as he does. If he can do it, we can all do it, because he is young and he knows, we are older and we need to do it too.

Congrats to the teacher who showed this kid how to change the wheel bearing, or how to work on a car in general, and congrats to the kid who likes mechanics and who learned about cars even so young. He is real gearhead!

Wheel bearing is hard to change because you need to remove the rim, than the brake then the disks and then the main bolt which holds the head of the wheel. Then you have reached to the bearing and you need to develop skills in order to get it out and change it. If not changed, the bearing can cause melting of the wheel and then you are in real trouble.

See the whole operation in the video bellow and let’s all learn something new.


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