Meet the Dirrrty 1964 Continental Airs!!! This Is What It Means To Drive A Gangsta’s Vehicle!

When we see a Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, the very first thing that comes into our minds is an image of old school gangsters causing terror on the streets in the 1930s. YouTube user 1320video spotted this clean mean machine also known as 1964 Lincoln Continental at Street Car Takeover in Houston while it was showing off at the Royal Purple Raceway. This lowered baby is literally sitting on the very ground!

This would be a badass gangsta cruiser! A perfect song while riding this black beast would be 50 Cent’s “Wanksta” Hell yeah baby !!! 🙂

If you ever had a dream of riding someday a gangsta’s vehicle like this one or you want to play mafia life with your friends, this might be your top choice. This cruiser is a perfect combination of simplicity and modification.

Would you drive this? Share your thoughts with us about this stylish ride. Check it out on the video below:


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