MODIFIED NISSAN GT-R With Armytrix Exhaust MAKES EPIC SOUNDS! Imagine All The People Living In Peace And Driving A Nissan GT-R!

Wouldn’t that be amazing? This Nissan R35 GT-R is all about that, sky-blue painted body to spread peace and coexistence! Amazing piece of art in the role of Mother Teresa. Yeah, not everything that is loud is evil and this Nissan GT-R will prove you that.

Just watch him, how elegantly the guys landed him on the asphalt and like he wanted to tell us something, he was waiting for the surface to touch it with his “legs” and to shake it with the titanium exhaust. But see, he is mighty and powerful but yet harnessed and obedient, amazing.

Just look at the body kits on the sides, the front bumper, awesome but the best is yet to come. Yeah, just wait to hear the peacemaker sound from the exhaust, it will make you happy instantly! Isn’t amazing to have peace everywhere in the world and on each side you turn your head there is a Nissan GT-R?

What’s even more impressive are the emblems of the tune companies on the side, LB-Performance and Armytrix Corporation, an established manufacturer of titanium valvetronic exhausts for high-end performance cars, a professional team consisted of Japanese and German engineers!

Now you know what we’ve got here! Play the video bellow and enjoy it!


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