MODIFIED Nissan GTR-R35 With MORE THAN 1,000 Wild Beasts In Its Army!!!

Just listen to the sound that this modified GTR-R35 makes as he speeds through the streets. The car is packing more than 1000 horsepower and it definitely has the sound to prove for it.

It can be heard from over a block away for sure as it speeds on the highway and it generally sounds like a speeding powerhouse. The transmission can be heard too as it starts to speed up but the best part is at 1:50 minutes of the video where this car is literally crossing the highway in seconds.

Besides the horsepower, little fact is mentioned about what modifications to the base version of this Nissan have been made but nonetheless it’s impressive and it shows that the owner of this car knows how to unlock the true potential of the Nissan GTR R35. There are visible changes to the exterior of the car such as a chrome hood, brakes and rims and a sports body kit as well. This fully modified GTR-R35 is something I would love to see and drive myself since finding modified versions of cars that are up to this potential is definitely a rare and impressive sight.

Good job for the owner and I hope to see more from this car in the future such as track performance or maybe even a drag race!


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