Modified Turbo Supra vs Ferrari 458 Italia In An EPIC STREET RACE! Teaching The Italian SOME MANNERS!

Nice display case, how much does it cost? You can not afford it, it’s a FERRARI! Of these exchanges remembers anyone who has even once seen the first part of the Fast and the Furious. Years pass and the Supra still does not stand on one step away from today’s sports cars. This time, a modified Supra Turbo stood in the street and it does not challenge the model Ferrari F355 Spider, but the super-fast Ferrari 458 Italia. Turbo spool is downright addictive.

This Ferrari 458 driver has probably never seen the Fast and Furious movie, so it was not quite clear to him just what happens when a Toyota Supra challenges a Ferrari 458 for a race on the highway.

Usually we don’t get to see exotic supercars in street race against tuner cars, but our buddies over at That Racing Channel managed to caught one very unique street race. This street race pretty much resembles the famous scene in the The Fast and The Furious movie where the Ferrari faces the Supra in a race. The difference here is the fact that this Ferrari owner doesn’t use a crappy trash talk line! The guys at the YouTube racing archive That Racing Channel guys were out on the highway to do some testing with their modified Toyota Supra when a gorgeous red Ferrari 458 Italia did an eargasmic flyby right by them.

So, when these dudes decided it was time to play around with the new engine setup on their Toyota Supra, they came across a Ferrari 458 Italia on the highway which thought it would be pretty easy to defeat the Japanese. Who do you think won in this street race? Would you place your sure bet on the Italian masterpiece, or would you risk betting on the Supra? Check out this video below to find out the final result.


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