Motorcycle Jacket Buying: 9 Things To Consider

A motorcycle jacket is a recognizable article of clothing for those who love to go high speeds on motorbikes or for those who want the look while cruising on two wheels. Unlike other jackets, the features of motorcycle jackets come with not only style but also safety and other factors. These elements can help the user feel comfortable, stylish, and safe.

In the earlier days, the products and components of motorcycle jackets were once bulky due to being made from leather or artificial synthetic fabrics such as Cordura or Kevlar. This fabric and the protective pads on the elbow, spine, and shoulder regions. These, however, were downsized and made lighter and more comfortable with the safe safety features due to modern technology.

Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle jacket for casual rides or its iconic, stylish looks. Before heading to your nearest store, here is a must-check Motorcycle jacket buying guide to make your spending on a jacket worth it.


  1. Type Of Jacket

Generally, there are four types of motorcycle jackets that you can purchase depending on your purpose, your motorcycle, or your personal preference. These jackets can also pair various outfits you can choose from, making your outfit for your next ride stylish and safe. You can pick between cruiser jackets, street or relaxed motorcycle jackets, racing that can come with connected pants, or adventure motorcycle jackets. So, choose the one you think suits you.


  1. Durability And Safety

Another important thing you need to consider is the jacket’s durability against wear and tear and its safety features. Paddings along the elbows, shoulders, front, and back should be available to protect you against any possible impact. Remember that leathers may take more effort to maintain than textile jackets. A high-quality type of textile and leather is also needed to ensure that it will save you from road abrasions in case of accidents. Its parts should be sewn tightly and adequately, with zippers that do not rust or get stuck. Also, it must have a surface resistant to dirt you may encounter during motorcycling.


  1. Price

It’s no secret that these motorcycle jackets can be costly, depending on the fabric or the leather, features, brand name, and manufacturer. However, be sure that the cost you pay for your motorcycle jacket is worth it without sacrificing style, safety, and durability for a lower price. Motorcycle jackets usually make quite a statement as well as their safety features, and buying these should be at a reasonable price.

  1. Weather Conditions

When buying motorcycle jackets, it would be best to consider the weather and temperature. Leather is usually good for colder temperatures with its thick material and insulation properties. Textile jackets offer better ventilation and are suitable for warmer temperatures. It would be best if you also considered finding ones with venting zippers and designs that can help you during extreme heat. Leather can also provide better protection against rain than textile. However, leather can soak up and may take longer to dry. So, depending on the weather in your area, you must choose a motorcycle jacket that can keep you comfortable while riding your motorbike.


  1. Comfort And Fit

Having a motorcycle jacket that fits you well is not only stylish but also hassle-free. Jackets made from leather can wrap closer to your body and have a snugger fit than textile jackets, an essential factor in keeping the pads and armor in place. However, textiles are more lightweight and flexible compared to leather ones. So, the choice is yours to make. Just find the one that gives you maximum comfort, as it’s crucial to ensure safety while on the road.


  1. Aerodynamics

Though usually overlooked, aerodynamics is essential in choosing your motorcycle jacket. If you go on fast rides requiring as much speed as possible, consider the material and design. Leather jackets cut the wind much better, but textiles work well for daily commutes and extreme sports riding. Still, the fitness and the features usually help in choosing a jacket that can help you while riding your motorcycle.


  1. Ventilation

Motorcycle rides under good weather conditions also usually mean that you’ll be staying under the sun while riding. Thick, good riding motorcycle jackets that are warm, waterproof, and windproof can also be too warm and make you uncomfortably sweaty. Usually, textiles are better at ventilation as air can get through the mesh of the material. Still, you can choose ones with zipper vents to let air flow freely inside the jacket.


  1. Pockets

Since motorcycles do not have enough space to put your things, you’ll need a jacket with many functional pockets. If possible, these should have internal and external pockets designed to be deep enough for your items not to fall while on your ride but are also comfortable and do not bother you at any point.


  1. Visibility

You may encounter numerous situations during motorcycle driving, including fog, dust, or rain. This reason is why a jacket with high visibility, either something that stands out or something with bright colors or shiny material, is vital for road safety. This factor is beneficial not just for you but for others, especially if you plan to ride on a public road.



Since being popularized into modern outfits, motorcycle jackets are beneficial for style and safety. If you plan to purchase a motorcycle jacket, consider the above factors to ensure you get a high-quality, good motorcycle jacket. Next time you’re going for a ride, take your motorbike and get ready for a fantastic ride with the safety and style of a motorcycle jacket.


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