Nasty CUMMINS POWERED FORD Truck “Balls Deep” Is Totally Ready To Face The Mud!

The “Balls Deep” Diesel truck is an amazing beast, and if you are wondering why I called the truck “Balls Deep”, it’s because the owners have given him that name. I know it is a bit unusual name but I guess it means that there is no depth deep enough that this truck can’t get out of.

At the start of the video we can see the blue Cummins-powered Ford truck and we can see that it is in a mint condition. It has one broken headlight and a few scratches, but I guess that is not really important because this truck is what you call a mud truck, used to go through deep mud. So after a few shots of the truck we can see the next part, we can see the truck going straight for the “kill”. He is going “balls deep” in the mud, and let me just say he got out of the first one pretty fast. But as every champion this truck had a dawn fall, after a few minutes in the video at the end we can see him getting too deep and drowning in the mud. He got stuck and there was no hope for him.


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