Do I need a lawyer after a car accident?

After a car accident, you may be overwhelmed with questions such as what comes next, how your injuries will progress, and how to get compensation for the injuries and damages you suffered. It may be easy to believe that if the accident happened through no fault of your own, the other party will respond to your requests for help with your medical treatments and recovery. However, this could be quite far from what ends up happening. The other party may hire a lawyer to prove their innocence, and you may be left floundering, not knowing who to turn to for help.

Your conclusion should be that, while you are dealing with your injuries and feeling a great deal of frustration and stress, you should reach out to a car accident attorney to handle the legal process for you and help you fight for your rights.

Focus on Recovering Your Health

The first step you should take after being in a car wreck is to seek medical attention. It may be that your injuries are clear and obvious, or you might look fine and believe that there is nothing wrong with you. However, a medical examination may reveal that there is internal bleeding or that your internal organs have suffered damage from the force of the crash.

Once your healthcare provider has determined the extent of your injuries and recommended a course of action to help you heal, you should focus your attention on taking care of yourself.

Let your Attorney Focus on Your Case

As soon as you hire legal representation, your attorney will start an investigation into the accident in order to collect all evidence. They will also reach out to the insurance company in an attempt to reach a settlement. If no settlement is possible, they will also be prepared to represent you in court. Remember that although you are not at fault for the accident, the other party will do everything in their power to put the blame on you or to try and offer you the least amount possible for your injuries.

What Your Lawyer Will Do for You

Your lawyer will help you ensure that the liable party faces the consequences of their negligent actions. They may do any or all of the following:

  • Obtain a copy of the police report in which details of the accident are described.
  • Interview any witnesses to obtain their testimonies and contact information.
  • Call upon expert witnesses, such as accident reconstruction specialists, to testify on your behalf.
  • Gather your medical records and talk to your doctors to understand the prognosis of your injuries and your expected maximum recovery.
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement offer.

What financial awards are you entitled to receive?

An auto accident lawyer in Atlanta can help you calculate a figure that will cover your out-of-pocket expenses and cover the wages you have lost by being unable to work while you recover. Also, an amount for non-economic damages will be added, which includes your mental anguish, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. Your lawyer may also include future medical expenses and wages lost in the future if your injuries will still require treatment for some time.


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