Why Do You Need a TST Tire Monitoring Device?

RVs aren’t just giant vehicles. They are vacation getaways for adventure seekers. They allow you to bring all the necessities of home and the fun of camping into one convenient vehicle. You can take the fun of a vacation on the road and travel anywhere you want.

RVs are extremely large and heavy vehicles that rely on sturdy tires to get them to and from their destinations. If their tires start to wear and you do not know, you can have major problems, especially if you are in the middle of driving. Worn tires can cause accidents or strand you in the middle of nowhere.

Making sure you have reliable tire monitor systems in place can help you determine where your tires are always. They will be able to tell you if they are too hot or if the pressure of the tire is too low. They are important sensors that can be found using this link, https://www.technorv.com/tst-tire-pressure-monitoring-systems/, and can help make sure you’re always driving safely. Here is everything you need to know about TST Tire Monitors and RV tire safety.

TST can help you determine your tire’s temperature

A tire temperature is something extremely important to monitor, especially when you’re planning on going long distances. Temperature can affect the integrity of a tire. For example, a tire that measures over 250 degrees Fahrenheit will start to lose its structural strength. It will weaken and damage the tire to the point of collapse. When that happens, you will be spending money on a new tire and any possible additional damage that occurred if you experienced an accident from the collapse.

Also, tire pressure changes with hot and cold temperatures. Have you ever noticed how your tire pressure gauge in your regular automobile changes in the winter? If you have a temperature monitoring system in your car, it might come back and say your tire pressure is too low. Well, it is the same for RVs.

If an RV’s tires are too cold, their pressure will drop and if they are too high, they will become overfilled, and the pressure will reach a boiling point. TST can help you monitor your tire pressure and temperature during rest and during the drive so you can make sure that your tire pressure is always perfect.

TST will help prevent a tire blowout

If your tire pressure is not at the correct measurement, you risk having your tires blown out. This means that your tires pop or explode, usually during a drive, and completely render the tire useless. Blowouts can be dangerous for you, those you are traveling with, and other vehicles on the road. A tire monitoring device can let you know if your tires are over or under-inflated.

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TST lets you monitor multiple trucks, trailers, and RVs

If you have multiple vehicles, then TST can help you monitor them all at once. Let us say you and your family decide to take the RV with you on vacation but you also want to take your trailer filled with your horses, boat, or supplies. This has to be monitored for the same things: tire pressure and temperature.

You can do that all with TST. There is no need to buy a separate monitoring system for each vehicle you own. You can monitor them all at the touch of a button. Many TST devices will let you monitor up to five vehicles, so you can monitor everything you need to be monitoring to enjoy your vacation.

There are no switching screens

A lot of people think that since it monitors both the temperature and pressure of your RV’s tires you have to switch devices or screens. That is not the case. You can see both readings on one accurate screen, so you don’t have to manually move between screens or devices to see your readings.

TST never sleeps

If your tires have been inactive for a while or you have not used the monitoring system in a while, do not worry. This is not like your computer where it will go into sleep mode and stop monitoring your tires for pressure or temperature.

They will constantly monitor your tire pressure although you are not moving or driving on the highway. It is always awake making sure that it is getting you the best read possible. That way you do not have to switch your focus from the road to power on your TST monitor.

How much does it cost?

TST monitoring systems can cost anywhere from $300 to $500 depending on what kind you get and what unique features they provide. If you do not need a Monitoring system that has the capability for multiple vehicles, then that could affect your price. Additionally, if you decide to take a warranty out on your TST, then that will also affect the price.

I always recommend getting the warranty. While a lot of people do not think they need one, it’ll cover the cost of a replacement if it stops working, it becomes damaged, or it’s stolen. Cover yourself by spending the extra money on your investment.

How easy is it to install?

Pretty simple actually. Each TST monitoring system comes with a set of directions that you can follow when you go to install your new device. If you’re still having problems, there are a lot of tutorial videos out there that can walk you through each step of the process. It makes it easier for those who are visual learners.

A TST monitoring system is an important thing to have installed on your RV or trailer. They will monitor your tires’ temperature and pressure, so you will stay safe on the road. A tire blowout can cause major accidents that can harm you and others who are on the road with you. Do not let that happen. For a few hundred dollars you will be able to increase your RV safety.

While fun seems like the most important thing about vacationing and traveling, safety actually is. You cannot have fun if you are not safe. Go get yourself a TST monitoring system today.


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