WINNER MUSIC and Nissan GTR Snow Drifting and Doing Donuts!

Who says that snow kills all the fun of a joyride, and especially drifting and doing donuts? You do not have to have some ultimate off-road vehicle, like the Aton Viking Impulse, to get behind the wheel and feel the flavor and irresistible allure of a beautiful landscape, covered with snow. For a skilful driver who knows what he does, and has a high level of self esteem and self control, snow can be so much fun. The following video that we have prepared for today’s article is such a nice example of just how much positive feeling and vibes, a little sideways drive in the snow can give to the driver.

It really is an inspirational video clip with the so called Japanese rocket-sled (this time, the meaning of this nickname gets a whole new level of reality), the car that most of us love and adore so much – the legendary Nissan GTR R35. We do not have the specs about this fine specimen with a glossy black paint job that is coming from Europe. But in this case, that really does not matter., because it is all about the pleasure and joy of drifting and doing donuts in the snow.

Check it out and enjoy this 2 plus minute video all the way through, and if you want to find out more about the 2015 Nissan GTR R35, go to this link.


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