INNOVATIVE SOLUTION – Parking Problems GONE? Meet P+ Smart Parking!

Nowadays the traditional parking lots in the big cities are constantly being replaced with parking garages. That way the parking capacity is increased to its maximum. We doubt that the parking lots in the small cities will be upgraded with parking garages because the car frequency is small there.

Sometimes it is hard to build a concrete or huge steel construction parking garage in the middle of a huge city business center because of the businesses of the place. But people around the world are thinking and they came with a brilliant invention which can solve this problem.

Actually it is a steel construction that reminds of a Ferris wheel, which stores the cars on platforms that are cruising around the construction. The manufacturer of this parking system called P+ Smart Parking claims that the cars stored on the platforms are safe and can’t be damaged. Another solution to this parking problem is to use a service like Parc Ferme.

The good news is, this invention can be built in just 5 days and it is already in use. You can switch to your car in just seconds; just choose your car from the control and the platform will serve it for you. Honestly, we don’t think that these guys invented something new because if you search on the internet you can find similar approaches, like this one in Chicago in 1932.


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