PERFECT PARKING SKILLS Accompanied By Tons Of Patience And NERVES OF STEEL Shown By A Guy Parked Between Two Cars! Will He Get Out?

How steady this guy was when he was pulling his vehicle out of the parking spot is just amazing. Great parking skills shown from hit too because it is not an easy step to make and to take out the car from this stuck position. The fault is on the other two drivers that parked in front and in the back of the truck. They didn’t leave space for the guy to pull out so now he has to make some maneuvers that a new driver couldn’t do ever.

Great skills come with knowledge and with experience. You cannot have perfect skills if you don’t practice something a lot. That’s why we bet that this guy was stuck in the parking lot few more times because by the way of his driving he knows what he is doing and he had done this before. There are only few inches from the bumpers and he didn’t even touch none of them. He simply moved the truck back and forwards so that it can be pulled out of the parking spot without any scratches at all.

If some other driver was there, maybe some more nervous driver the other two cars would have been damaged a lot. We have seen before people damaging the cars that are parked near theirs with way more space than this, but that is up to the driver and how he could dope with the pressure. There are steady drivers that have great skills for driving and parking vehicles. This guy is one of them as he didn’t show any signs of anxiety and he didn’t even open his window to take a deep breath. He managed to pull out his truck easily although it was stuck between the two other cars, maybe he can give some parking lesions to the other drivers.

Posted by The Lion Tattoo Studio on Friday, December 26, 2014


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