Why Pick a Car Service Over a Traditional Cab?

If you’re going to be traveling to Florida soon, you may decide to pass up the rental car and use taxis or Uber wherever you go. If you want to travel in comfort and style, consider using a car service. A car service will provide a luxury automobile and a driver. The car service is better than a cab for several reasons.


They Charge by The Hour

You may think that a car service is beyond your means. However, car services normally charge by the hour, whereas taxi is charged by the mile. Hence, if you’re going to several places, you may save money or at least spend the same amount of money if you take a car service.


Car Services Are Safer

Anyone with a decent driving record can work for a ride-sharing service. Neither the FMCSA nor the state of Florida requires taxi drivers to have a commercial driver’s license unless the vehicle is transporting over 16 passengers.


Some cab companies require a CDL. However, taxi drivers are notoriously overworked. A professional car service will have qualified chauffeurs driving for it. They will give their drivers appropriate breaks and reasonable hours. 


Ride-share services and taxi companies check driving records, but their drivers are normally independent contractors and not company employees. They are unlikely to do the kind of background check that a professional limousine company will do. 


When you use a car service, you will get highly trained drivers who are professionally dressed and trained in customer service. The company will offer training, and the drivers will follow company protocol. You will know what to expect every time a driver arrives to pick you up.


More Comfortable


Ride-sharing services let drivers use almost any car to pick up passengers. Taxis are also often older vehicles. In many cases, rideshare and taxi drivers do not get a chance to clean their vehicles between rides.


When you hire a professional car service, you will ride in a luxury vehicle that gets cleaned regularly. The cars have all the amenities you could ask for. You will have a smooth ride in comfortable seats. You will be provided with water, snacks, music, and even videos if you desire them. 


Arrive in Style


If you’re traveling for business, it never hurts to show your prospective clients and colleagues how well you’re doing. When you arrive in a chauffeured luxury car, you will let them know that you’re prosperous and that you have good taste.


If you’re traveling for pleasure, you deserve to spoil yourself a little. The point of a vacation is to get away from your normal life. When you use a car service, you can arrive at the doors of your hotel or a fancy restaurant in style. Waiters, maître d’s, and bellhops tend to give the very best service to people who have money. You have worked hard all year, and you deserve it.


Rideshare and taxis may be fine for short rides or emergencies. Car services are the best choice if you want a hassle-free, comfortable, and fun way to get from place to place.


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