SPOTTING A REAL BEAUTY: The PRE-PRODUCTION 1960 Plymouth Fury Powered By 361 Golden Commando V8!

This car shyly entered the car world as an optional package for the Plymouth Belvedere in 1958 but the Fury in her couldn’t seat still and left the shell and took the freedom in her hands. After a yearlong preparations in 1959 the Plymouth Sport Fury appeared as a new angry lady on the market.

But this was not so famous appeal and the Sport Fury was dropped at the end of the same year, 1959. In 1962 the Fury learned from her own mistakes and returned on the market where lasted for a long period. And that’s a tiny fragment for the Fury history but we mentioned in order to relate with this very special 1960 Plymouth Fury model signed with Golden Commando Moniker on the fenders!

That means the car is powered by the 361 cubic inches Golden Commando V8 engine which is delivering 264BHP accompanied with aggressive front grill and unique fender’s design. This car is an icon!

You can find more information for her on the video below where you will also have the opportunity to look inside the car and see that elegant interior from the early 60s. Enjoy the video!


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